The Season #22 Pro-League is starting 12th January, with its 1st qualification

Some changes comparing to the previous season and full info about current season#22 (schedule, players, rules, prizes etc)  you can find here

No any yellow card during previous s#21, its good. S#21 champion is Russia evil, congratulations!

Our s#21 prizers are
1 Russia evil 27000 RUR
2 Belarus cypher  13000 RUR
3-4 Russia ash and Russia agent - 5000*2 RUR
5-8 Benelux dem0n Germany k1llsen France strenx Russia base_  1250*4 RUR

One more time big thanks to our sponsors for season#21 :
- Russia AlexeyA 50000 RUR
- Russia CWBH Bruceka 5000 RUR
Total is 55000 RUR (its about 890 USD)

- 2nd Division for amateur players is announced, welcome and gl, all info here here   (thanks to enYoyka and twister for their help with translating)

- Info added to post about pro-league - about prize distribution 50K rur (25+12+4.5*2+1*4)

- Info added to rules - about punishments in leagues (yellow card, who get 2nd yellow card during 2 seasons - will get autoban for the next season)

site fixes and news:

- web-irc client is implemented to our site, for more comfortable players each other talking during playday

- statistic page is refreshed

- added menu item "About", where you can read some 125 FPS history and our goals.

German master of rail (and all other weapons) Germany Marcel k1llsen Paul return to competetive quake (for some time). He signed up to the current Nov-Dec 2014 duel league season, and plus he will play showmatch this Sunday (16 Nov) versus russian player from Ekaterinburg Russia Vitaly ash Fedorov out of 102 team.

All info about match you can read here.

125 FPS event calendar is implemented to our site

The calendar will be showing not only our league schedule but all additional events (showmatches, one day cups, etc.) organised by us as well.
We hope it will make it more convenient for both players and viewers to follow 125fps tournaments.

All quake fans who followed the most recent Oktober 125fps League have witnessed a great performance by the Swedes Sweden Fazz and Sweden Spart1e who both ended up in 3-4 place. In the group stage Sweden Fazz managed to defeat Belarus Cypher in a bo3 game and Sweden Spart1e gave Russia Evil a tough run for the money in their semi final encounter. However the Swedes didn't play one another during the season and we want to fix that! A show match has been announced for Sunday, the 9th of November. Our usual show match rules apply - 7 maps are played, 10$ per map. The games will be streamed by United Kingdom Zlive and hopefully some of the Russia Russian casters (elder, 102team).

Maps: Will be announced later. So far Hektik, Vertical Vengeance and Aerowalk (Fazz' picks). 3 more will be picked by Spart1e, the last one by us)
Prizes: 70$ (10$ per map). If somebody wants to increase the prize pool - you are welcome to donate!
When: 8 november, 18:00 MSK (16:00 CET)
Streams: United Kingdom ZCasts, (elder, 102team)
Link: match page