QuakeLive Duel showmatch will happen in two weeks, two oldschool grandmasters will compete for the cash prize and determine "who is the boss"!

Germany k1llsen (Ladder: grandmaster Elo: 2486 World Rank: #7)    vs    Sweden fazz (World Rank: #9 Elo: 2477 Ladder: grandmaster)


According to qlranks "compare history" it looks now 10-7 to k1llsen's favor - link.

Germany k1llsen's profile at +forward and at 125fps sites

Duel winnings: 60800 RUB, 20346 USD, 10000 SEK, 4375 EUR, 1000 GBP
Duel list of results: http://www.plusforward.net/matchplayer/20/k1llsen/results

Sweden fazz's profile at +forward and at 125fps sites.

Duel winnings: 25000 NOK, 9000 RUB, 3856 USD, 700 EUR
Duel list of results: http://www.plusforward.net/matchplayer/15/fazz/results

Maps: Sinister, Furious Heights, Campgrounds, Hektik, Battleforged, Silence and Vertical Vengeance.
When: 19 September (saturday), 18:00 MSK (17:00 CEST)
Streams: United Kingdom ZCasts, Russia 102 , Sweden Fazz 
Links: Announcement on the United Kingdom ESReality, announcement on PlusForward

Prizepool: 210$ (30$ per  map) + donates. If somebody wants to increase the prize pool - you are welcome to donate!
Upd: for now (19 Sept) total is about 455USD. Prizepools spreading - 50$ per map and all remaining is bonus to the match winner

Current donators

03.09.2015 210$ (13608,16RUB) from anonymous DE guy (who just ask me to take this money and organize this showmatch).
09,09,2015 Simo - 21$ (1375.85RUB)
18.09.2015 Christoph - 140CHF (9199,09RUB) "for fazz vs k1llsen showmatch big thx for organizing"
18.09.2015 gSTRUCTOR - 50USD (3003,36RUB) "Two very entertaining elite players, showmatchs <333"
18.09.2015 Jens 300SEK (2331,50RUB) "Fazz vs K1llsen"
18.09.2015 moppz 5euro (362,18RUB) "Easy money for k1llsen. GL / HF to all Quakeplayers! We want to see epic matches"

Sweden fazz won 4-3 Germany k1llsen

VODs: http://www.plusforward.net/post/2922/125-FPS-Showmatch-10-fazz-vs-k1llsen/vods

thanks a lot!