The 2nd Division Duel League (Div2s#2) is organized for those players who do not (yet) have enough skill or time to compete for the money in the the our main Pro-League.

Div2 Season#2 is started  , at group stage 2 players will pass to final stage,goodluck


Who can participate at Div2

Players that are allowed to participate in 2nd league:

(1) All players who took part in the current pro-season qualifications but couldn't win a slot.
(2) All players who couldn't reach top3 in the GS1 of the current pro-season (and thus can't continue to play in the pro-league this season).
(3) All players who want to participate in general - however players should not have an  ELO above 2200 (and as usual the quake live account should have more than 300 duels played and 3 played days in total).

In some particular cases 125FPS can allow players with 2200 ELO or more to play in the Div2 league as well as disallow players with ELO below 2200 to participate. All players, described in (1) and (2) are always allowed, regardless of their current ELO status as long as they do not have any restrictions or bans.

Rules and Prizes
Div2 league consists of 2 group stages, without playoffs, all matches are BO3. The amount of groups and players per group is based on the amount of registered players.

Maps: Bloodrun, Cure, FuriousHeights, Sinister, Lostworld, Silence, Battleforged
Mapchoice: drop first, all matches BO3
Serverchoice: read here

Prize: Div2 S#2 winner will get a personal invite to the next Pro-League Season OR 1000 RUR prize money. 2nd place in the Div2 S#2 will get respectively 1000RUR or an invite to the Pro-League, depends on what the 1st place winner chooses

 After the signing up will be closed, players can connect with each other (via IRC, 125FPS admin or somehow else), schedule and play their games at any time they want to - they even can play all matches during one day. All results should be posted in Challonge by players only.

There are 3 weeks for the first group stage from 10 February to 2 March. If someone misses his match or can't play it during the given period, he automatically gets a default loss.(If someone gets a lot of default losses, he will receive a yellow card. Two yellow cards received in two following one after another seasons means auto ban for a next season). 

Two players from the every group at 1st group stage will be passed to 2nd group stage, which will take place from 3 March to 15 March


Admins:  irc канал #125fps Nico, []34[], mikul, xron (or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Links: ESR announcement