125 FPS is proud to announce the start of a 2nd Division Duel League (Div2s#2) for those players who do not (yet) have enough skill or time to compete for the money in the our main Pro-League.

You can sign up to Div2s2 here http://125fps.challonge.com/tournaments/signup/OLNKzXBxID  , matches will start 10 february, first group stage 10 feb-2 March, second group stage 1 March-15 March. Full info about rules, maps, schedule, prizes and live-report you can find here 

Current season#2 top-2 players will get some prize - invite to Pro-League season or 1000 RUR (depends on what the 1st place winner chooses). Welcome and gl.

Some info about previous Div2 season (Div2 season#1)
- The first Division 2 champion is Sweden Zanzan, congratulations!
- The players listed below are got first notice (yellow card) because of their inactive participaton and other reasons. Guys, if you cant find time to play this event - pls just dont sign up, thx.
Noticed players:
Europe lateee
Russia nylinablyat
Poland vysqn
Russia kidz

These players have got a yellow card at div2s1. So, if they will participate and will get another yellow card during current season#2 - they will be banned for the next 2 month.