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Live report
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1 May
- season#23 is over, congratulaton to our 11x champion Russia evil! League VODs - United Kingdom ZLive youtube playlist, Russia 102 youtube playlist.

26 Apr
- unfortunatly Sweden fazz cant play playoff week and leave season 23 ((. Thus from B2 group garpy, cooller and madball are passed to playoff
- playoff bracket is announced, look below to "schedule and result" chapter

16 Apr
- B2 group - tie-3 for 1 slote for madball, cooller and nitrino. Nitrino vs cooller is played (nitrino won), madball will play his tie matches later.

12 April
- gs2 groups are published, see "schedule and results" chapter below

7 April
- unfortinutly Kazakhstan prox1mo cant continute to play this season and leave league. He is replaced with Russia agent

3 April
- A1 tie matches were played, finally A1: 1st kronic, 2nd spart1e, 3rd wichtl

29 March
- GS1 groups are published, see below, chapter "Schedule and Result"

27 March
-  Quali#6, 3 slots, sign up link http://125fps.challonge.com/tournaments/signup/ZVgs1n7BIw

26 March
- quali#5 qualies slots are taken by ciscodisco and karwik
- sad news, Russia base_ cant play this league season
- 3 slots for last qualie#6 27 March

23 March
- PL S#23 Quali#4 sign up link http://125fps.challonge.com/tournaments/signup/OBDG3znKRF

20 March
- Quali#3 sign up link http://125fps.challonge.com/tournaments/signup/xGjqRgcaYX ; slots are taken by prox1mo and sting_pl

18 March
- quali#2 is finished, slots are taken by Russia iddqd_ru and Poland as1c

16 March
- 16 March 19:00CET - PL S#23 Quali#1 sign up link http://125fps.challonge.com/tournaments/signup/oZN1uSMCom ;
- quali#1 is finished, slots are taken by Italy vengeur and Germany wichtl

11 March

season#23 is announced. Some news comparing to previous season - -ztn -t7 +tox +dism, and  - for bo3 and bo5 matches now players firstly pick map, as at previous season (#22)
bo3: pick pick, drop drop drop drop, pick pick pick   (gs2 matches)
bo5: pick pick, drop drop, pick pick pick pick pick     (playoff matches)
- first personal invite - Germany k1llsen ! welcome and gl
- Russia agent dont want to play this season
- Russia ash is promoted from gs1 to to gs2 

Schedule and Results

calendar for 7 weeks:
- 1-2 weeks: 16, 18, 20, 23, 25 and 27 March  - six qualies, 2 slots at every quali, double elim, bo1

witchl quali#1
vengeur quali#1
iddqd_ru quali#2
as1c quali#2
prox1mo quali#3
sting_pl quali#3
overqill quali#4
st1ng quali#4
ciscodisco quali#5
karwik quali#5
az1d quali#6
harry_z_tybetu quali#6
gekko quali#6

- 3-4 weeks: 31 March, 2, 7 и 9 April - First Group Stage (GS1), all matches start at 19:00 cet (21:00 msk), BO1, 3 pass to Group Stage 2, groups at challonge: http://125fps.challonge.com/s23_gs1

31 March Group A1: Sweden 2nd spart1e Ireland 1st kronic Italy vengeur Russia iddqd_ru Sweden az1d Germany 3rd wichtl
2 April Group B1: Belarus 2nd madball France 1st sev3n Denmark 3rd lars Russia overqill Europe ciscodisco Poland harry_z_tybetu
7 April Group C1: Germany 1st k1llsen United Kingdom 3rd garpy Ukraine xron Russia st1ng Russia 2nd agent Russia gekko
9 April Group D1: Sweden 1st fazz Spain p0ni Poland sting_pl Germany stingerdndz Poland karwik Poland as1c

- 5-6 weeks: 14, 16, 21 and 23 April - Second Group Stage (GS2), all matches start at 19:00 cet (21:00 msk), BO3, 3 pass to Playoff 

14 Apr    Group A2    1st Belarus cypher    3rd Belgium dem0n    France sev3n    2nd Russia agent    wicthl
16 Apr    Group B2    Russia 2 cooller    Russia nitrino    Sweden 1st fazz    Belarus 3 madball    United Kingdom 1 garpy
21 Apr    Group C2    Belarus 1 clawz    Russia pavel    Germany 3 k1llsen    Sweden 2 spart1e     Poland sting_pl
23 Apr    Group D2    Russia 1 evil    Russia 2 ash    Ireland 3 kronic    Spain p0ni    Norway lars

- 7 week: 27 April - 1 May - Playoff, all matches start at 19:00 cet (21:00 msk)

27 Apr 1/8 Germany k1llsen 1-3 Russia cooller, 1/8 Sweden spart1e 3-2 Belarus madball
28 Apr 1/8 Belarus dem0n 2-3 Ireland kronic, 1/8 Russia agent 3-2 Russia ash
29 Apr 1/4 United Kingdom garpy 0:-1 (DQ) Russia cooller , 1/4 Russia evil 3-1 Sweden spart1e
30 Apr 1/4 Belarus cypher 3-1 Ireland kronic , 1/4 Belarus clawz 1-3 Russia agent
01 May 1/2 United Kingdom gapry 0-3 Russia evil, 1/2 Russia agent 0-3 Belarus cypher, final Russia evil 4-2 Belarus cypher


Auto-promoted to GS2 (top8 from 125 FPS previous season)

1 Russia cooller
2 Belarus cypher
3 Russia ash (agent)
4 Russia evil
5 Russia nitrino
6 Russia pavel
7 Belgium dem0n
8 Belarus clawz 

+12 players from qualifiers:

09 Russia ash (promoted to gs2)
10 Russia base (cant play this season, vacation)
11 Ireland kronic
12 United Kingdom garpy
13 Belarus madball
14 Spain p0ni
15 Sweden spart1e
16 Denmark lars
17 France sev3n
18 Sweden fazz
19 Ukraine xron
20 Russia  fearzzz (cant play this season)

Players from qualifications
21 Italy vengeur
22 Germany wichtl
23 Russia iddqd_ru
24 Poland as1c
25 Kazakhstan prox1mo
26 Poland sting_pl
27 Europe ciscodisco
28 Poland karwik
29 Sweden az1d
30 Poland harry_z_tybetu
10 Europe gekko

+ personal invites:

09  Germany stingerdndz (from Div2s2)
20  Germany k1llsen

Rules and Prizes
Rules for pro-league you can read here
MapPool: Toxicity, Cure, Dismemberment, Battleforged, Sinister, Lostworld, Silence
50000 RUB = 1st place 25000RUB, 2nd place 12000RUB, 3-4th place 4500RUB, 5-8th place 1000RUB


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