It's a bit late, but i am officialy informing you guys that Season#22 is finished, and neither Evil nor Cypher is the champion this time :). Congratulation to season#22 winner Russia cooller ! 

- Finally, Season#22 results are:
1 place Russia cooller  25000 RUB
2 place Belarus cypher 12000 RUB
3-4 places Russia evil and Russia agent  , 4500+4500 RUB
5-8 places Belarus clawz Russia nitrino Belgium dem0n and Russia pavel  , 4*1000 RUB

Total: 50000 RUB

Some stats - its the first time since July 2013 when Russia ash did not pass to the top8, he lost to Russia nitrino in 1/8 stage. And for Russia nitrino it is the first time he passed to the top8 and earned some money in our league.
Great post with interesting statistics from season 22 is available at fpspulse site, zoot is the author. I have never seen so detailed article about the fps-game cup, link here

Season#23 Pro League will start 16th March with 1st qualification, schedule for 7 weeks like in previous season, mappool changed a bit, read full info here

- Donates - in february 2015 we had some additional donations - Italy omek (Krzysztof) 40 EUR (25+15), thanks a lot mate! He permitted to use this money for any of our events, i think we will organize some One Map Cup soon (Dism i think), it will be announced soon.

DIv2 season#2 (feb-march 2015) - final stage right now (till 15 March) (table), at this moment the leader is Italy vengeur, who won 5 matches in a row. Note, this Div2 season top2 will earn some prizes (Div2 S#2 winner will get a personal invite to the next Pro-League Season OR 1000 RUR prize money. 2nd place in the Div2 S#2 will get respectively 1000RUR or an invite to the Pro-League, depends on what the 1st place winner chooses).
Yellow cards for Div2s2 got  Poland serious_pl (sserek)Netherlands basbaas и Europe tubez0r, who signed up but didnt play any matches during season. 

- In the next Div2s3 (April-May 2015) season we will do a more strict schedule - players still can play their matches at any day, but  for each group there will be assigned several days when they should appear on irc and be ready to play. Their absence in these days will not of course mean disqualification, but if they will not play until the ending phase of their matches against opponents who were on irc on specific days, they will get defloss (defeat). I hope this will help players to find each other quickly.

- Some changes at our site - menu items "duel league" and "tourneys" are removed, all posts are moved to "news".