We are continuing our tradition of running  "One Map Cups" for the new map from our main league season  (#23), this time i am talking about Dismemberment, also known as  hub3tourney1.


On one hand, this map is not new, we could see it in "ancient" tourneys when fatal1ty and polosat1y ruled the quake cups, but recently we couldn't see it so often. For example, at QL IEM 5 (VOD cooller vs raphs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKUmHMqbuVk ), FACEIT QL Legend Cup (2012, av3k is the winner). At 125 FPS League this map was only one time before - at  Sep'2013 League (winner - cypher).

So, 24 March 19:00 CET One Map Cup - Dismemberment, Double Elimination, all matches BO1, prizepool now is <300 USD> (!), if someone can add some money to the prizepool - would be cool.

UPD:  prizepool is increased, 100$ for the 1st place now, thx a lot to United Kingdom gbmaster for his 50$!
UPD2: another 50$ from  United Kingdom fur*q, for the 2nd place, so now prizepool is 100USD for the 1st place and 50USD for the 2nd. thanks a lot!
UPD3: wow, another 150usd (!) donate from United States of America nthreem to dismemberment cup! so, now 180$ for the 1st place, 80$ for the 2nd and 40$ for the 3rd. thx a lot!

No bans at this moment, so everyone can participate, welcome and gl. SignUp link will be placed here few hours before the cup starts.

Links: stream United Kingdom Zlive, ESR post, our IRC