Currently the 125FPS funds have been almost exhausted and there is not enough money for the next sunday cup and any other tournaments aside from the regular pro league and the already announced showmatch. Our free balance for 18 Sept 2015 is 4358RUB (its about 65USD). Guys, if you want to continue to watch and play our events and if you have some free money - please donate it to our project. Thank you in advance!

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125sunday smallQuakeLive Duel Sunday Cup #12

Sign up link

When: 13 Sept, 17:00 CEST (18:00 MSK)
MapPool: sinister, cure, furious heights, bloodrunIntel, battleforged, elder and vertical vengeance (PL S#26 maps). Mapchoice - drop first.
PrizePool: 1st place 80 USD, 2nd place 20 USD
Rules: Double Elimination, Winner BracketBO1 till the semifinal, BO3 WB semi, WB final and Grandfinal (two BO3 if it will be needed); Low BracketBO1 all matches (including LB final).

Detailed rules for our events you can read here.

Streams: United Kingdom zLiveRussia 102 , United States of America flairTV
Linkschat for players, PlusForward post

 QuakeLive Duel showmatch will happen in two weeks, two oldschool grandmasters will compete for the cash prize and determine "who is the boss"!

Germany k1llsen (Ladder: grandmaster Elo: 2486 World Rank: #7)    vs    Sweden fazz (World Rank: #9 Elo: 2477 Ladder: grandmaster)


According to qlranks "compare history" it looks now 10-7 to k1llsen's favor - link.

Germany k1llsen's profile at +forward and at 125fps sites

Duel winnings: 60800 RUB, 20346 USD, 10000 SEK, 4375 EUR, 1000 GBP
Duel list of results:

Sweden fazz's profile at +forward and at 125fps sites.

Duel winnings: 25000 NOK, 9000 RUB, 3856 USD, 700 EUR
Duel list of results:

Maps: Sinister, Furious Heights, Campgrounds, Hektik, Battleforged, Silence and Vertical Vengeance.
When: 19 September (saturday), 18:00 MSK (17:00 CEST)
Streams: United Kingdom ZCasts, Russia 102 , Sweden Fazz 
Links: Announcement on the United Kingdom ESReality, announcement on PlusForward

Prizepool: 210$ (30$ per  map) + donates. If somebody wants to increase the prize pool - you are welcome to donate!
Upd: for now (19 Sept) total is about 455USD. Prizepools spreading - 50$ per map and all remaining is bonus to the match winner

Current donators

03.09.2015 210$ (13608,16RUB) from anonymous DE guy (who just ask me to take this money and organize this showmatch).
09,09,2015 Simo - 21$ (1375.85RUB)
18.09.2015 Christoph - 140CHF (9199,09RUB) "for fazz vs k1llsen showmatch big thx for organizing"
18.09.2015 gSTRUCTOR - 50USD (3003,36RUB) "Two very entertaining elite players, showmatchs <333"
18.09.2015 Jens 300SEK (2331,50RUB) "Fazz vs K1llsen"
18.09.2015 moppz 5euro (362,18RUB) "Easy money for k1llsen. GL / HF to all Quakeplayers! We want to see epic matches"

Sweden fazz won 4-3 Germany k1llsen


thanks a lot!

Germany k1llsen vs Russia ash


Maps: Bloodrun, Sinister, Aerowalk, Cure, Furious Heights, Toxicity, Lost World
Prizepool: 70$ (10$ for every map) + donates. If somebody wants to increase the prize pool - you are welcome to donate!
When: 16 november (sunday), 23:00 MSK (21:00 CET)
Streams: United Kingdom ZCasts, Russia 102 , Sweden Fazz , South Africa Stphh , Russia Elder
Links: Announcement on the United Kingdom ESReality, announcement on the Russia


- 20$ from bolus major
- $100 ($50 for this match and $50 for next) from Czech Republic piskvorky
- 1337RUR (~29$) OpieOP
- $14.8 from stphnwlkr
- $17 from Norway Kenneth
- $13.37 from Germany Daniel "K 1 L L S E N 1 L L S E N"
- 500RUR from Russia Denis (~10.5$) "for showmatch"
- 3.98 евро и 7 usd от South Africa sTPHn
- $35...from Russia donkz. "Go Ash!!!"
- $10 from Prophy, "For the love of quake"

thanks a lot!

Russia Ash won 4-3 Germany k1llsen

Finally ash earned 160$, k1llsen 120$

United Kingdom ZCasts
Sweden fazz
Russia 102
Russia elder

Russia 102
United Kingdom ZCasts  and
Russia elder


German master of rail (and all other weapons) Germany Marcel k1llsen Paul return to competetive quake (for some time). He signed up to the current Nov-Dec 2014 duel league season, and plus he will play showmatch this Sunday (16 Nov) versus russian player from Ekaterinburg Russia Vitaly ash Fedorov out of 102 team.

All info about match you can read here.