125sunday smallQuakeLive Duel Sunday Cup #7

Bracket: http://125fps.challonge.com/sundaycup7

VODs: zLive, 102

When: 07 June, 17:00 CEST (18:00 MSK)
MapPool: Sinister, Furious Heights, BloodRun, LostWorld, Elder, Dismemberment and Aerowalk  (sin t7 ztn dm13 elder dism aero) (PL S#24 maps). Mapchoice - drop first.
PrizePool: 1st place 70 USD, 2nd place 30 USD
Rules: Double Elimination, Winner BracketBO1 till the semifinal, BO3 WB semi, WB final and Grandfinal (two BO3 if it will be needed); Low BracketBO1 all matches (including LB final).

Detailed rules for our events you can read here.

Streams: United Kingdom zLive Russia 102
chat for players, ESR post

125sunday smallQuakeLive Duel Sunday Cup #6

Bracket http://125fps.challonge.com/sundaycup6

VODs: Russia 102 YouTube playlist, United Kingdom zLive twitch VOD

When: 31 May, 17:00 CEST (18:00 MSK)
MapPool: Sinister, Furious Heights, BloodRun, LostWorld, Elder, Dismemberment and Aerowalk  (sin t7 ztn dm13 elder dism aero) (PL S#24 maps). Mapchoice - drop first.
PrizePool: 1st place 70 USD, 2nd place 30 USD
Rules: Double Elimination, Winner BracketBO1 till the semifinal, BO3 WB semi, WB final and Grandfinal (two BO3 if it will be needed); Low BracketBO1 all matches (including LB final).

Detailed rules for our events you can read here.

Streams: United Kingdom zLive , Russia 102
: chat for players, ESR post

random.cups smallQuakeLive Duel Cup, classic oldschool five maps, mapchoice as "\cv random 5" will pick map for you!

Bracket -  
VODs: Russia 102 Youtube Playlist

Belarus cypher (2nd place) for continuous blaming of the opponents and an early ragequit during the final - got a "yellow card" notice. Next time he will get a money penalty (if he will get to the prize range) and possibly a ban

When: 24 May, 17:00 CEST
Maps: Aerowalk, Vertical Vengeance, Bloodrun, Lostworld, Campgrounds (1-aero 2-t4 3-ztn 4-dm13 5-dm6)Mapchoice - \cv random 5.
Prizes: 1st place 70euro, 2nd place 30euro
Rules: Double Elimination, 
- Winner BracketBO1 till semis, BO3 WB semis, WB final and grandfinal(two BO3 if needed); 
- Low BracketBO1 all matches (including LB final).
- BO3 mapchoice: for second or third map - if "\cv random 5" will give you the same digit as for first map - just do "\cv random 5" again and again till you get free digit.

Detailed our 125 FPS event's rules you can read here.

Links: Stream United Kingdom zLive, Russia 102,  chat for players, ESR post

125PLAs usual huge thanks to our sponsor Alexey A from the Moscow region and to the rest of the donators as well.
We are starting season#24 our regualr QuakeLive Duel Pro League, welcome and good luck!

Live report
Follow us on twitter for the current info from the report

6 July
- season 24 is finished, congratulations to our prizers and to our s24 champion Russia evil!

25 June
- Russia nitrino cant play playoff week and leaves season 24 (. thus 4th from his gs2 group Belarus clawz passed to playoff

15 June
- unfortunatly United Kingdom garpy cant play next two weeks and leaves league (. But we have 4 players from A1 group, who took 1-3 places (three players for 2-3 places), and now we have possibility to pass all of them to gs2, without additional matches.

4 June
- Poland as1c cant play this season, so he is replaced with Poland leszny

2 June
- link to gs1 groups at challonge http://125fps.challonge.com/s24_gs1

18 May
- 18 May 20:00 CEST - 125 FPS QL Duel Pro League Season#24, quali#1 sign up link http://125fps.challonge.com/tournaments/signup/0VFrsbwZkr

14 May
- season#24 is starting, current mappool is quakecon2015 duel maps +dism and +aero. so finally mappool is sinister, furious heights, blood run, lost world, elder, dismemberment и aerowalk.

Schedule and Results

calendar for 7 weeks:
- 1-2 weeks: 18, 20, 22, 25, 27 and 29 May  - six qualies, 2 slots at every quali, double elim, bo1. Sign up link to qualification you can find on our twitter in ~1h before cup start (or on esr post in comments, or direct on http://125fps.challonge.com)

18 May: quali#1 Poland gienon and Poland as1c, bracket http://125fps.challonge.com/s24_q1
0 May: quali#2 Poland luukets and Ukraine xron,bracket http://125fps.challonge.com/s24_q2 
22 May: quali#3 Russia st1ng  and Russia iudas, ,bracket http://125fps.challonge.com/s24_q3 
25 May: quali#4 Poland Harry_Z_Tybetu  and Poland karwik, ,bracket http://125fps.challonge.com/s24_q4 
27 May: quali#5 Belarus cyber and Russia kidzzz, ,bracket http://125fps.challonge.com/s24_q5 
29 May: quali#6 Belarus mix_ and Sweden zanzan ,bracket http://125fps.challonge.com/s24_q6 

- 3-4 weeks: 2, 4, 9 an 11 June - First Group Stage (GS1), all matches start at 20:00 CEST (21:00 msk), BO1, 3 pass to Group Stage 2

Link to challonge  http://125fps.challonge.com/s24_gs1

2 June Group A1 dem0n nitrino p0ni cyber zanzan inl
4 June Group B1 madball fazz lars karwik leszny st1ng
9 June Group C1 sev3n sting_pl wichtl gienon mix_ iudas_
11 June Group D1 k1llsen pavel xron luukets prox1mo hzt

- 5-6 weeks: 16, 18, 23 and 25 June - Second Group Stage (GS2), all matches start at 20:00 CEST (21:00 msk), BO3, 3 pass to Playoff 

16 June Group A2: cypher kronic p0ni pavel mix_
18 June Group B2: agent clawz nitrino sting_pl karwik
23 June Group C2: spart1e ash k1llsen cyber prox1mo
25 June Group D2: evil gienon lars fazz dem0n

- 7 week: 29 June - 3 July - Playoff, all matches BO5 (2picks, 2drops, 3picks), start at 20:00 CEST (21:00 msk)

s#24 playoff bracket http://125fps.challonge.com/s24_gs2_playoff

29 June : 1/8 Belarus clawz 3-2 Belgium dem0n, 1/8 Poland sting_pl 0-3 Sweden fazz
30 June : 1/8 Spain p0ni 3-2 Russia ash, 1/8 Germany k1llsen 2-3 Russia pavel
01 July : 1/4 Belarus cypher 3-0 Russia clawz, 1/4 Kazakhstan prox1mo 0-3 Russia evil
02 July : 1/4 Russia evil 3-0 Spain p0ni, 1/4 Russia agent vs 0-3 Russia pavel
03 July : 1/2 Russia evil 3-0 Russia pavel +1/2 Belarus cypher 3-0 Sweden fazz, and final Russia evil 4-3 Belarus cypher

Playoff VODs here, thanks to France infuscomus



Auto-promoted to GS2 (top8 from 125 FPS previous season)

1 Russia evil
2 Belarus cypher
3 Russia agent
4 United Kingdom garpy
5 Ireland kronic
6 Sweden spart1e
7 Belarus clawz
8 Russia ash

+12 players from qualifiers:

09 Germany k1llsen
10 Belarus madball
11 Belgium dem0n
12 <ash is promoted to gs2, Sweden inl here from div2s3)
13 France sev3n
14 Germany wichtl
15 Russia nitrino
16 Russia pavel
17 Poland sting_pl
18 Spain p0ni
19 Norway larslarslars
20 Sweden fazz

Players from qualifications
21 Poland gienon
22 Poland as1c
23 Poland luukets
24 Ukraine xron
25 Russia st1ng
26 Russia iudas
27 Poland Harry_Z_Tybetu
28 Poland karwik
29 Belarus cyber
30 Russia kidzzz
31 Belarus mix_
32 Sweden zanzan

+ personal invites:

12 Sweden inl (Div2s3 2nd place)

Rules and Prizes
Rules for Pro-League you can read here
MapPool: sinister, furious heights, blood run, lost world, elder, dismemberment and aerowalk  (sin t7 ztn dm13 elder dism aero)
50000 RUB = 1st place 25000RUB, 2nd place 12000RUB, 3-4th place 4500RUB, 5-8th place 1000RUB


League Admins: Nico, []34[], mikul, Xron, Green (search on IRC or write to admin@ 125fps.com)
Official Streams: United Kingdom ZCasts, Russia 102team, United Kingdom Fazz
Links:irc #125fps, FPSPulse post, ESR post PlusForward post.


A few of our tournaments rules have been changed/added. -rulessmall

a) In our "Common Rules for our events" section a second aspect has been added concerning spectators. The added paragraph reads "Admins also have the right to remove streamers if it's considered necessary.

b) An introductory sentence to our "Serverchoice rules" has been added: "First and foremost remember: This is an online tournament for players from different countrys so ideal and perfectly fair ping conditions can't always be achieved. Compromises will have to be made and sometimes they will be in your favor and other times they won't. And secondly: Arguments such as "I'm not used to a ping above 40" or "You are used to high ping" have no weight"

c) In "Serverchoice rules" important changes have been made:
Point 2 now says: "If players have not been able to agree on a server between themselves (point 1) a Quake Live server is chosen where the ping difference is minimal an no player has a ping higher than 65 from all available Quake Live server locations" (not limited to servers from the primary server locations like before). If such a server can not be found then we move on to point 3 and the primary server locations (de, swe, ru) come into play.
Under this updated version of the rules a NOR server would have been the correct server for the controversial match between cooller and garpy at Pro League s#23.

d) Here added a new point: "5. Once a game has started (one or more maps have been played) the server can not be changed unless both players agree or it is instructed by an admin." Obviously this point also follows the aftermath of the cooller - garpy game. Under this version of the rules garpy could not have demanded a server change after one map had already been played.

At the same time I want to remind that the admin still has the last word and can dictate a server (point 6) (for example if time goes on and both players can not agree on a server).

e) In the "Division 2 League Rules" in the Schedule section a point has been added, introducing a new check-in procedure on Wednesdays together with a link to the check-in list (second paragraph).

The others rules have remained the same in principle and have only been redacted slightly.

By the way a few words about the 2nd Division season#3 - In our third season the situation with noshows has become even worse. Out of the group stage about 15 (!) players will receive a yellow card. In the current final stage the second and final week is about to end and no matches (!) have been played yet. It looks like we will close the 2nd Division for the summer. Whether or not we will open it up again in autumn will depend on the circumstances.

20may2015 UPD: Some new edition for "serverchoice rules" 3.1 - "3.1 Player A has a ping below 65 on at least one of the servers from the list while Player B doesn’t have a reasonable ping to any of them. In this case Player B picks a server (not only from the PSL-servers, but any location) where Player A has a ping below 65."