QuakeLive Duel Sunday Cup 29 March 17:00 CEST

Bracket link http://125fps.challonge.com/sundaycup2

Congratulations to 1st place Russia evil and 2nd place Russia agent

VODs: ZLive's season#23 playlist on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vj_cp3LkIzo&list=PL37zHS9Suk9TJYUiIGnweAARzVPeVMehg

When: 29 March (Sunday), 17:00 CEST
MapPool: Toxicity, Cure, Dismemberment, Battleforged, Sinister, Lostworld, Silence (PL S#23 maps). Mapchoice - drop first.
PrizePool: 1st place 70euro, 2nd place 30euro
Rules: Double Elimination, Winner BracketBO1 till the semifinal, BO3 WB semi, WB final and Grandfinal (two BO3 if it will be needed); Low BracketBO1 all matches (including LB final).

Detailed rules for our events you can read here.

Links: stream zLivechat for players, ESR post

Hi guys, we have new donator, another 200 Euro (!) from Switzerland Christoph, for any our events. Thanks a lot, mate! More about 2015 donates you can read here

QuakeLive Duel Sunday Cup 22 March 16:00 CET, brackets http://125fps.challonge.com/sundaycup1

When: 22 March (Sunday), 16:00 CET

MapPool: Toxicity, Cure, Dismemberment, Battleforged, Sinister, Lostworld, Silence (PL S#23 maps). Mapchoice - drop first.
PrizePool: 1st place 70$, 2nd place 30$
Rules: Double Elimination, Winner Bracket: BO1 till the semifinal, BO3 WB semi, WB final and Grandfinal (two BO3 if it will be needed); Low Bracket: BO1 all matches (including LB final).

VODs and Result

Congratulation to Russia base_ 1st place, and to Russia pavel 2nd place

thx to France infoscomus for this:125FPS SUNDAY CUP #1 VODs with timestamps :

Germany StingerDnDz - Germany wichtL : http://www.twitch.tv/zlive/b/640155981?t=39m49s
Sweden fazz - Germany wichtL : http://www.twitch.tv/zlive/b/640155981?t=53m54s
Belarus Clawz - Russia agent : http://www.twitch.tv/zlive/b/640155981?t=1h8m12s
Sweden Spart1e - Sweden fazz : http://www.twitch.tv/zlive/b/640155981?t=1h23m14s
Russia baSe_ - Russia evil : http://www.twitch.tv/zlive/b/640155981?t=1h39m45s
1/2 : 
Russia baSe_ - Sweden fazz : http://www.twitch.tv/zlive/b/640155981?t=2h19m32s
Russia pavel - Belarus Clawz : http://www.twitch.tv/zlive/b/640155981?t=2h47m35s
WB Final : 
Russia baSe_ - Russia pavel : http://www.twitch.tv/zlive/b/640155981?t=3h12m12s

LB :
Belarus Cypher - Russia evil : http://www.twitch.tv/zlive/b/640155981?t=2h2m36s
LB Final :
Russia pavel - Belarus Clawz : http://www.twitch.tv/zlive/b/640155981?t=3h52m58s

Russia baSe_ - Russia pavel : http://www.twitch.tv/zlive/b/640155981?t=4h5m22s


thanks to adem for this:
"some more matches streamed by Russia 102 (Cooke, Cooller and his son):

Russia pavel vs France splank http://www.twitch.tv/deliberatemurder/v/3933463?t=18m40s
Poland matrox vs Russia ash http://www.twitch.tv/deliberatemurder/v/3933463?t=32m40s (worth watching)
Russia pavel vs France sev3n http://www.twitch.tv/deliberatemurder/v/3933463?t=43m32s (worth watching)
Russia pavel vs Poland prox_pl http://www.twitch.tv/deliberatemurder/v/3933463?t=1h13m12s

Detailed rules for our events you can read here.
Links: stream zLive, chat for players.

Div2 Season#2 is finished, Italy vengeur is our new Div2 champion, 2nd place is Germany stingerdndz, congratulations :)

Vengeur chose 1000 RUB as his prize, thus second place Germany stingerdndz got second prize - personal invite to Season#23 Pro League.

Div2 Season#3 will start 13 April, and as i wrote earlier we will do some changes about schedule for playing Div2 matches.

We are continuing our tradition of running  "One Map Cups" for the new map from our main league season  (#23), this time i am talking about Dismemberment, also known as  hub3tourney1.


On one hand, this map is not new, we could see it in "ancient" tourneys when fatal1ty and polosat1y ruled the quake cups, but recently we couldn't see it so often. For example, at QL IEM 5 (VOD cooller vs raphs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKUmHMqbuVk ), FACEIT QL Legend Cup (2012, av3k is the winner). At 125 FPS League this map was only one time before - at  Sep'2013 League (winner - cypher).

So, 24 March 19:00 CET One Map Cup - Dismemberment, Double Elimination, all matches BO1, prizepool now is <300 USD> (!), if someone can add some money to the prizepool - would be cool.

UPD:  prizepool is increased, 100$ for the 1st place now, thx a lot to United Kingdom gbmaster for his 50$!
UPD2: another 50$ from  United Kingdom fur*q, for the 2nd place, so now prizepool is 100USD for the 1st place and 50USD for the 2nd. thanks a lot!
UPD3: wow, another 150usd (!) donate from United States of America nthreem to dismemberment cup! so, now 180$ for the 1st place, 80$ for the 2nd and 40$ for the 3rd. thx a lot!

No bans at this moment, so everyone can participate, welcome and gl. SignUp link will be placed here few hours before the cup starts.

Links: stream United Kingdom Zlive, ESR post, our IRC

It's a bit late, but i am officialy informing you guys that Season#22 is finished, and neither Evil nor Cypher is the champion this time :). Congratulation to season#22 winner Russia cooller ! 

- Finally, Season#22 results are:
1 place Russia cooller  25000 RUB
2 place Belarus cypher 12000 RUB
3-4 places Russia evil and Russia agent  , 4500+4500 RUB
5-8 places Belarus clawz Russia nitrino Belgium dem0n and Russia pavel  , 4*1000 RUB

Total: 50000 RUB

Some stats - its the first time since July 2013 when Russia ash did not pass to the top8, he lost to Russia nitrino in 1/8 stage. And for Russia nitrino it is the first time he passed to the top8 and earned some money in our league.
Great post with interesting statistics from season 22 is available at fpspulse site, zoot is the author. I have never seen so detailed article about the fps-game cup, link here

Season#23 Pro League will start 16th March with 1st qualification, schedule for 7 weeks like in previous season, mappool changed a bit, read full info here

- Donates - in february 2015 we had some additional donations - Italy omek (Krzysztof) 40 EUR (25+15), thanks a lot mate! He permitted to use this money for any of our events, i think we will organize some One Map Cup soon (Dism i think), it will be announced soon.

DIv2 season#2 (feb-march 2015) - final stage right now (till 15 March) (table), at this moment the leader is Italy vengeur, who won 5 matches in a row. Note, this Div2 season top2 will earn some prizes (Div2 S#2 winner will get a personal invite to the next Pro-League Season OR 1000 RUR prize money. 2nd place in the Div2 S#2 will get respectively 1000RUR or an invite to the Pro-League, depends on what the 1st place winner chooses).
Yellow cards for Div2s2 got  Poland serious_pl (sserek)Netherlands basbaas и Europe tubez0r, who signed up but didnt play any matches during season. 

- In the next Div2s3 (April-May 2015) season we will do a more strict schedule - players still can play their matches at any day, but  for each group there will be assigned several days when they should appear on irc and be ready to play. Their absence in these days will not of course mean disqualification, but if they will not play until the ending phase of their matches against opponents who were on irc on specific days, they will get defloss (defeat). I hope this will help players to find each other quickly.

- Some changes at our site - menu items "duel league" and "tourneys" are removed, all posts are moved to "news".