Big thanks to all our donators for their money, your support is very important for players, for 125 FPS project and for all Quake community, thanks a lot!

Detailed information about the 125fps cash flow can be found here (google spreasheet). If you, guys, will continue to donate - we will continue to provide our tourneys ), welcome and thanks.

Below you can read a message from our main sponsor Alexey A, who since February 2013 donates 31500RUR (~800usd) every month to the prizepool of the our regular dueling League (from november 2014 format has changed, 50000RUR for a two months season), BIG THANKS to him once again!

Manifest from AlexeyA

"Hi everybody! My name is Aleksey. Beginning with February 2013 I am sponsoring the 125 FPS QuakeLive League ( and provide almost all of the prize money from my own pocket. Why do I do this? Because like many of us I played the first Quake and even Duke Nukem)) on lan during my childhood. Time goes by and Im a grown-up man now with all the obligations that come along with it. Yet still I want the Quake community to flourish and reward me and all fans of the game with great matches, tournaments, reports etc.
When there are no tournaments with prize money the interest of players and fans decreases and thats what Im trying to combat. Im sure Im not the only one. The community has a lot of adult, successful people, as well as many young people who fell in love with the game.
I want to ask the community to help build on the foundation I and the 125fps team have laid and increase the prizes in the coming leagues. Fundraising is nothing new and is employed to collect funds for all kinds of events. Im sure that many of you will be happy to chip in a sum thats admissible for yourselves and even happier to follow the tournament you yourself made a contribution to!
Below are various ways to donate money for prize funds of leagues.
The reputation of the 125fps leagues guarantees for a fair distribution of funds. I myself will continue to contribute about 31500p(~1000$) every month.
I propose the following prize money distribution (31500RUR + donations)
15% of the donations will go towards the organization and coverage of the league, in particular recruitment of streamers.
Additionally I suggest limiting the prize pool of every league by 3500$. If there is more than 2500$ worth of donations the surplus funds get transfered to the next league. The biggest donators will be listed below every leagues prize pool (voluntary).
The fundraising will start with the announcement of the next league."

You can donate some money to our QuakeLive Events, all money will spend to prizepool

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