Common Rules for our events

- Players participating in 125fps events must record demos of all their games and save them for at least two weeks. The demos must be provided to the admins upon request.
- To participate in 125fps events players must have accumulated at least 3 days of playtime and 300 duels in their quake live account.
- During official 125fps cup matches players may request everyone to leave the server except for admins and streamers. Who is considered a streamer are decided by the admins. Admins also have the right to remove streamers if it's considered necessary.
- The 125fps administration reserves the right to make a decision based on common sense in some situations, even if the decision contradicts certain rules.

Pro League Rules

- 6 qualifications (12 slots, 2 at every qualification), double elimination, bo1 all matches, top2 pass to the next stage (1st Group Round)
- 1st Group Round, 4 groups with 6 players (3 pass), all matches BO1
- 2nd Group Round, 4 groups with 5 players, all matches BO3, 3 pass, 
- Playoff 12 players (1st places from gs2 direct to 1/4), single elim bo5, final bo7
- Mapchoice - cointoss, winner drop second (or pick first, depends of boX see below) :
for BO1 matches - players are dropping maps until required number is reached (cointoss looser drops first)
for BO3 - pick pick, drop drop drop drop, pick
for BO5 - pick pick, drop drop, pick pick pick
for BO7 final - cointoss winner pick first map, after this maploser pick next map.

- If a player isn't present at the scheduled time to play his group and gives no prior notice, the 125fps team reserves the right to replace him/her with a player who is able to start playing immediately.

Division 2 League Rules

Purpose: 2nd Division duel league (Div2) is organized for those players who do not (yet) have enough skills (or time) to compete for prizes in the main Pro-League. 

Who can participate: In the 2nd league are allowed to participate:

(1) All players who took part in the current pro-season qualifications but couldn't win a slot.
(2) All players who couldn't reach top3 in the GS1 of the current pro-season (and thus can't continue to play in the pro-league this season).
(3) All players who want to participate in general - however players should not have an elo above 2200 (and as usual the quake live account should have more than 300 duels played and 3 played days in total).

In some particular cases 125FPS can allow players with 2200 ELO or more to play in the Div2 league as well as disallow players with ELO below 2200 to participate. All players, described in (1) and (2) are always allowed, regardless of their current ELO status as long as they do not have any restrictions or bans.

League Stages: Div2 league consists of 2 group stages, without playoffs, all matches are BO3. The amount of groups and players per group is based on the amount of registered players. Presumably there will be 3-6 groups of 4-10 players in the first stage, and 1 or 2 of them will pass to the next stage. The second stage is supposed to only be one group of 6-8 players the winner of which will be proclaimed the winner of the Div2 season.

Schedule: after the official announcement players can connect with each other (via IRC, 125FPS admin or somehow else), schedule and play their games at any time they want to - they even can play all matches during one day. Match results are shown in Challonge by players themselves..
Starting with season #3 additional scheduling rules come into play. Players are allowed to play their games at any times throughout the three dedicated weeks just like before. However now every group gets three special match days when players of the group are asked to be available on irc to play their games. If a player hasn't played all his games after the three weeks are over and he hasn't been available during the match days he will receive deflosses for the missed games if his opponent in turn was online irc and waiting for him during the match days. If both players have been absent during the match days and haven't scheduled the game otherwise their match will be considered as a tie. Checklisk link.
There are 3 weeks for the first group stage. If someone misses his match or can't play it during the given period, he automatically gets a default loss. If someone gets a lot of default losses, he will receive a yellow card. Two yellow cards received in two following one after another seasons means auto ban for a next season.

How to find your opponent: 

- use the same nickname at quakelive, irc and challonge;
- add your opponent to friends in Quake Live (you can always remove him later, right?)
- be on irc online on our channel, and periodically check if some of your opponents are there as well
- write personal message to them via challonge message system (they will receive an email notification)
- check qlranks profile of the player you are looking for. when he's online you can see a link to a server where he is playing at the moment right after his nick
- try to write message to opponent at "comments" tab on challonge's tourney page (fe);
- finally ask 125fps admin, probably he can help you

Prize: Two prizes for Div2 winner - he can choose one of them - money (1000RUR) or personal invite to the next Pro-League Season. 2nd place from Div2 will get remained prize - invite or money )

Serverchoice rules

First and foremost remember: This is an online tournament for players from different countries so ideal and perfectly fair ping conditions can't always be achieved. Compromises will have to be made and sometimes they will be in your favor and other times they won't. And secondly: Arguments such as "I'm not used to a ping above 40" or "You are used to high ping" have no weight.

Primary Server Locations (PSL) of the 125FPS league: DE, SWE, RU (Moscow)

Server picking procedure (May 2015 edition):

1. Players come to an agreement on their own about which server to play on, no matter how high the ping is as a result. If players can’t reach an agreement proceed to step 2:

2.Quake Live server is chosen where the ping difference is minimal an no player has a ping higher than 65 from all available Quake Live server locations. If there is no such server proceed to step 3:

3. Both players present their pings on servers from the PSL-list (de swe ru). From here on there are two possibilities:

3.1 Player A has a ping below 65 on at least one of the servers from the list while Player B doesn’t have a reasonable ping to any of them. In this case Player B picks a server (not only from the PSL-servers, but any location) where Player A has a ping below 65.

3.2 Both players have a ping lower than 65 to servers from the PSL-list but not to the same one. In this case the server is chosen where the ping difference is the smallest and at least one player has a ping below 65.

3.2.1 If the situation is like in 3.2 but the ping difference is exactly the same: In a bo1 the server is chosen by cointoss, in a bo3 the first two maps are split between the two servers at there is a cointoss in case of a decider, in a bo5 the servers are alternated and the location for the fifth map is chosen by cointoss (if needed).

4. If both players have a ping above 65 on all of the servers from the PSL list - they play on the any server with the minimal ping difference.

5. Players can change server after match began (after one or more maps played) only if both players are agree for this, or directions given by the admin.

6. In any of the situations the admins have the last word and can overrule any of the above guidelines.

If you still have some questions - contact admins at irc ( channel #125FPS)