A few of our tournaments rules have been changed/added. -rulessmall

a) In our "Common Rules for our events" section a second aspect has been added concerning spectators. The added paragraph reads "Admins also have the right to remove streamers if it's considered necessary.

b) An introductory sentence to our "Serverchoice rules" has been added: "First and foremost remember: This is an online tournament for players from different countrys so ideal and perfectly fair ping conditions can't always be achieved. Compromises will have to be made and sometimes they will be in your favor and other times they won't. And secondly: Arguments such as "I'm not used to a ping above 40" or "You are used to high ping" have no weight"

c) In "Serverchoice rules" important changes have been made:
Point 2 now says: "If players have not been able to agree on a server between themselves (point 1) a Quake Live server is chosen where the ping difference is minimal an no player has a ping higher than 65 from all available Quake Live server locations" (not limited to servers from the primary server locations like before). If such a server can not be found then we move on to point 3 and the primary server locations (de, swe, ru) come into play.
Under this updated version of the rules a NOR server would have been the correct server for the controversial match between cooller and garpy at Pro League s#23.

d) Here added a new point: "5. Once a game has started (one or more maps have been played) the server can not be changed unless both players agree or it is instructed by an admin." Obviously this point also follows the aftermath of the cooller - garpy game. Under this version of the rules garpy could not have demanded a server change after one map had already been played.

At the same time I want to remind that the admin still has the last word and can dictate a server (point 6) (for example if time goes on and both players can not agree on a server).

e) In the "Division 2 League Rules" in the Schedule section a point has been added, introducing a new check-in procedure on Wednesdays together with a link to the check-in list (second paragraph).

The others rules have remained the same in principle and have only been redacted slightly.

By the way a few words about the 2nd Division season#3 - In our third season the situation with noshows has become even worse. Out of the group stage about 15 (!) players will receive a yellow card. In the current final stage the second and final week is about to end and no matches (!) have been played yet. It looks like we will close the 2nd Division for the summer. Whether or not we will open it up again in autumn will depend on the circumstances.

20may2015 UPD: Some new edition for "serverchoice rules" 3.1 - "3.1 Player A has a ping below 65 on at least one of the servers from the list while Player B doesn’t have a reasonable ping to any of them. In this case Player B picks a server (not only from the PSL-servers, but any location) where Player A has a ping below 65."