Best answer: How do you unlock the Gruppe Sechs casino heist?

Do you need security passes for Gruppe Sechs?

No. The only optional preps you should ever do are Power Drills if your target is Artwork, and Lv2 Security Passes.

Which casino heist is the easiest?

Aggressive. The Aggressive approach only has 7 preparation missions, which is the fewest of the 3. This approach has a Smash and Grab bonus which gives you a $100,000 bonus. While the bonus of this approach is low, it is also the easiest approach.

Which casino heist approach pays the most?

Diamonds pay the most, but they are also really hard to loot, given all the complex intricacies of GTA Online. Apart from the obvious treasures, there is a secret vault located on the ground level of the casino that only a handful of people know about.

Where is the sewer tunnel in GTA 5 for casino heist?

Near the end of the storm drain is a side exit that goes underground. Head into the underground tunnel. A short distance into the tunnel you will spot a metal grate on the right hand side. Photograph this for the Sewer Tunnel Access Point.

How does Bawsaq work in GTA 5?


The site will give detailed information on the past behaviour of stocks – over the past 7 days and the past 24 hours – as well as how well the return percentage on your stocks are doing. What actually affects the market is still up in the air.

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How do you do big con undetected?

Head to the staff lobby, through the metal detector, and out the staff lobby door. Once outside, go directly to the right and knock out the N.O.O.S.E. agent on the left side of the van. Go left to the outside wall of the track and run around the perimeter of the track to the parking lot.

Can you do casino heist setups in a private lobby?

You need to be in a public session to set up the arcade, everything else can be done in private sessions.

What is best approach for casino heist?

The Big Con Approach is not only super efficient (given the perilous nature of GTA Online), but it’s also quite fun. It allows the player to infiltrate the casino in disguise. This approach, too, helps the player avoid unwanted attention and keep a low profile, which is always helpful in GTA Online.