Frequent question: What time is Celebrity Wheel of Fortune on tonight?

What time is Wheel of Fortune on TV tonight?

Wheel of Fortune will air at 7 PM CT as per usual and Jeopardy will air at 7:30 PM. NBC’s Today Show anchor Savannah Guthrie is the guest host for Jeopardy!

What time does Wheel of Fortune come on CBS?

Watch Weeknights on ABC7, 7:30 PM.

Is Wheel of Fortune on ABC or CBS?

The show is produced by Sony Pictures Television, a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company. “Wheel of Fortune” is distributed by CBS Television Distribution.

What is on CBS tonight?


Time TV Show
8:30 pm Young Sheldon The Wild and Woolly World of Nonlinear Dynamics – Season 4 Episode 18
9:00 pm The Price Is Right The Price Is Right Celebrates 50 Years
11:00 pm Local Programming
11:35 pm The Late Show With Stephen Colbert John Lithgow; Theo Croker; Wyclef Jean
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