How old do you have to be to go to Batavia Downs Casino?

How do you get free play at Batavia Downs?

You’re a member of our Ambassador’s Club and are welcome to receive $5 FREE PLAY via any of our kiosks starting at 8am! Thanks for being a frequent visitor and player at Batavia Downs Gaming!

Is smoking allowed at Batavia Downs?

Smoking will be allowed in the designated smoking rooms. The casino will be open, starting Wednesday, everyday from 8am to 4am. Wojtaszek said customers will be let in on a first come, first serve, basis. No reservations are necessary.

Does Batavia Downs have slot machines?

Slot Machines at Batavia Downs Casino | casiKNOW. Slot Machines at Batavia Downs Casino: Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel is your one-stop destination for the area’s best entertainment. They’re home to over 800 in-demand games overseen by a premier staff in an environment made for fun.

How many slot machines does Batavia Downs have?

Gaming – Over 800 in-Demand Gaming Machines | Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel, NY.

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