Are combo dice good for PvP?

What does the combo dice do?

Combo. Game Description: Attack damage increases for higher Combo. Combo attacks the front enemy in the path. Every time you merge two Combos or with a #Mimic it will gain a counter dealing additional damage per combo point.

How do you get legendary Dice in random dice?

Legendary Dice are designed challenging to be obtained since they are the highest tier dice in Random Dice and each has unique abilities. The easiest way to collect Legendary Dice is to claim it from the trophy reward or Card Chest.

How does random dice work?

Random Dice is a PvP and PvE Tower Defense. In PvP you find yourself fighting against a random opponent with similar amount of trophies. When in PvE you find yourself playing with a random ally with any amount of trophies against enemies, which come in waves.

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