Does Bond get the money in Casino Royale?

How much does Bond give the dealer in Casino Royale?

Before Bond leaves the table, he slides a plastic chip worth $500,000 over to the dealer as a courtesy tip. It’s a seemingly nice gesture, but the chip isn’t worth anything outside the game’s context. “I always laugh at the end when Bond just flips him half a million,” Campbell says.

Who is vespers boyfriend?

M tells Bond that the organization behind Le Chiffre had kidnapped Vesper’s boyfriend, Yusef Kabeira, and threatened to kill him unless she became their spy. She then tells him that Vesper had made a deal with his kidnappers: the money in exchange for his life.

Why did VESPER betray Bond?

Why does Vesper betray Bond in Casino Royale? Vesper killed herself because she knew she was wrong. She had betrayed her country and Bond by channeling the terrorist’s money for them and by killing herself she ended that investigation into her crimes there.

How much did they pay Daniel Craig for James Bond?

Daniel Craig’s salary for portraying James Bond in Spectre (USA/UK, 2015) is estimated to have totalled around $39 million (£25.4 million), making him by far the highest-paid actor to have appeared in the Bond series to date, even allowing for inflation.

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