Frequent question: Who owns the Ville Casino Townsville?

What does Chris Morris own?

Chris Morris founded share registry company, Computershare, with his sister Penelope Maclagan in 1978. Morris owns a privately held hotel business, the Colonial Leisure Group, which is based in Melbourne. He also has interests in several tech companies.

When was the Townsville casino built?

The Sheraton Breakwater Hotel and Casino (now known as Jupiters Casino) was opened to the public in 1986 and another Townsville attraction, Reef Wonderland (now known as Reef HQ) opened on 24 June 1987.

Who owns the casino in Cairns?

The Responsible Entity and Operator of The Reef Casino Trust is Reef Corporate Services Limited. The Responsible Entity is jointly owned by Casinos Austria International Limited and Accor Casino Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd. Reef Casino Trust owns The Reef Hotel Casino complex in Cairns.

When did Townsville get power?

Electricity for Townsville was generated from the Hubert’s Well Powerhouse, which was the original water pumping station and was situated in the south-western section of the city. By 31 May, 1922, everything was ready for the Switch-on Ceremony at Hubert’s Well Powerhouse.

Is the casino open in Townsville?

Townsville’s The Ville Resort and Casino has thrown open the doors as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

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