How do you win dice AC Valhalla?

Is the dice game in AC Valhalla real?

As is a ludicrously expensive replica of Eivor’s horn.

How do you cheat Orlog?

During Orlog, when you set some dice aside, you can pick them pack into your bowl. Sometimes they change their face after doing that. This way you can basically cheat and sometimes reroll a favourable side right in front of your opponent.

What does Orlog mean?

The Old Norse referred to fate as Orlog, pronounced roughly as ‘or-lay’. Orlog translates more directly as ‘primal layers‘ which better describes what Orlog is rather than the word fate. Orlog is the layers of our actions and deeds over periods of time.

What do you get for winning Orlog?

Each unique wing in a game of orlog (i.e. a win with another player) is rewarded with a new God Favor. The newly unlocked favors can be used in all subsequent games. Whoever starts the game is decided by a coin toss, and you can bet wether it will be heads or tails.

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