Quick Answer: How do you get into Octagonia casino?

When can you access the Octagonia casino?

Head for the casino once you’re ready. The only game you can play here is the Slime Quest slot machine which you can easily win a lot of tokens from. However, do not get carried as the tokens are apparently not real and will vanish from your pockets as soon as the boss in this area is defeated.

Is the casino in Octagonia rigged?

Octagonia Casino

The Casino in Octagonia is rigged in your favor. … After visiting the VIP room with the Love Potion is when this casino will have its real prize list out. However, any winnings you have gained during the monster ownership will be completely removed.

Where can I get Gringham whip?

The Gringham whip has an attack bonus of +105, and hits an entire group. It can be wielded by the Hero, Warriors, Thieves, Gadabouts, and Sages. One can be found at the Dragon Queen’s Pachisi Track, and the other is found in the Secret Dungeon.

How much health does Arachtagon have?


Expand#108 – Arachtagon Nature Family
HP Defence
1276 82
Exp None
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