What happens to a bet if a game is void?

What happens when a game is void?

A void game on an accumulator is normally a match that has been postponed for some reason. In many cases, the void match becomes a non-runner, and your accumulator bet will be settled according to the results of the remaining matches.

Do you get money back on a void bet?

Unless your Power Price was placed under Future Racing (Antepost) rules, your non-runner leg will be voided the same as a regular non-runner money back bet. Power Prices on single horses will be void, your stake will be returned to your account.

Why would a bet be void?

If your selection is a non-runner, your bet will also be void when you have placed your bet in any market other than an ante-post market, when your bet will be a loser. … For example, if you’ve backed a player in a goal-scorer market and he does not play, most bookmakers will void your bet.

Why do bet365 void bets?

Bets are settled on the combination of the Result after the 1st period of Extra Time, and the Result at the end of Extra Time. Bets will be void if Extra Time does not take place, or the match is abandoned before the end of Extra Time.

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Why is a horse void?

A race can also be deemed void if the whole field takes the wrong course or in the event of a serious incident, such a stricken horse lying on the course in a position where it cannot be safely bypassed.

What happens if a football match is abandoned after 70 mins?

What happens once a game is abandoned? Each competition, leagues or National Association has its own rules and regulations about this. … This means that if a game is stopped after 70 minutes with one team 2-0 up then it will be resumed later with the remaining 20 minutes played out.

Why is my sportsbet bet void?

If a match is delayed it must be played within 24 hours of the event start time for bets to stand. If no results are available after 48 hours from event start time bets will be void.

What does void mean on bet 365?

Definition of Void Bet

In sports betting, a “void bet” means that a bet will no longer pay out and you will get your original wager returned to you.

How do voided bets work?

You have placed a bet on a player to score the first goal in a match, but he gets injured during the warm-up. Because he played no part in the game and you had no chance to actually win the bet, your bet will be declared void and your stake will be refunded.

What is a voided match?

When a game is cancelled/postponed/suspended/abandoned, kindly be patient and wait for at least 24 hours for the match to be rescheduled. If that does not happen within that period, we void that match and the stake/bet amount is refunded in case it was only a Single Bet.

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What happens when one leg voids?

If one leg of a Same Game Multi is void at any time, the whole Same Game Multi bet will be void, and your stake will be refunded to your balance.