Your question: Can you plaster over Black Jack DPM?

Can you plaster over blackjack?

You shouldn’t dot and dab over sythapruf (blackjack). It is designed to be wet plastered over – so that is what you should do.

Can you tile over Black Jack DPM?

Black jack cannot withstand the hydroscopic pressure . It will let go of the background . When you did this work did building control not have to sign it of at various stages and therefore check your Dpm .

Can you render over liquid DPM?

Replastering Damp Walls

In a lot of cases, you can simply hack back to the original masonry and re-render and re-plaster the damp wall with a water-resistant render. This will keep any residual moisture in the wall and stop it from passing through to new finishes whilst allowing the wall to dry out naturally.

Can you plaster over waterproof membrane?

A liquid membrane allows a wall to be waterproof. You will typically find liquid membrane applied to the outside concrete wall. A waterproof liquid membrane can also be applied to plaster walls.

Does Black Jack stop damp?

Black Jack DPM is a ready to use, odourless, rubber enriched bitumen emulsion which provides a highly effective sandwich damp-proof membrane for floors. Also acts as a waterproofer for walls, above ground structures and foundations.

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How do you use black jack walls?


a/ Exterior walls: Level uneven surfaces with cement mortar. Apply three coats of BLACK JACK DPM with a soft bristled brush, each at a rate of 0.5ltr/m2., allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. Allow the final coat to become tacky, then blind with clean, sharp sand.

Can you dot and dab over bitumen?

You can’t dot and dab onto bitumen it will not hold, unless perhaps if you throw sand onto the bitumen whilst it is wet!

Can you self level over DPM?

Nicole, I wouldn’t put a self levelling compound directly on top of a DPM as the compound is only laid in a very thin layer and as there will be no adhesion it will crack up as soon as any pressure is applied. If you don’t have enough depth to lay a floor screed you might find that an asphelt layer a better option.

Can you tile onto DPM?

When sand-blinded, BAL DPM allows tiling onto difficult substrates such as steel. … Surface damp proof membranes, like new BAL DPM, will protect tile adhesive and tiles from both ground floor water and residual construction moisture found in new screeds such as sand: cement and calcium sulfate screeds.

Can you screed over bitumen floor?

because a latex based screed should never ever be used over Bitumen, the green colouring may be due to a chemical reaction between the two substrates which will require the screed to be mechanically removed.

Can you render over waterproofing?

Can be rendered over 24 hours after second coat applied – flick or scratch coat must be applied by renderer – After 14 days can be painted over, normal paint procedure on any cement based coatings. Waterproofing of retaining walls, carparks, basements, elevator pits, tanks and dams.

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Does render cause damp?

Even slight cracks in the render of a building can allow water to penetrate and become trapped between the render and brickwork. This build-up of stagnant moisture will eventually soak into the brickwork/masonry and can lead to penetrating damp within the internal wall.