Your question: Who won the lottery in Indiana?

Where was the winning Hoosier Lottery ticket sold last night?

(Network Indiana): If you bought a ticket for Saturday night’s Hoosier Lotto jackpot drawing, you might be a big winner. One player matched all six numbers in Saturday night’s estimated $15.8 million drawing. The winning ticket was purchased at Lassus Bros. Oil #32, located at 12010 US Highway 24 W in Fort Wayne.

Where was the Hoosier Lottery won?

(WANE) A Hoosier Lotto ticket worth $15.8 million was bought at a gas station in Fort Wayne. The winning ticket which matched all six numbers in Saturday night’s drawing was sold at the Lassus Handy Dandy located at 12010 US Highway 24 W on the city’s southwest side.

Who won the lottery and died?

A woman who won $2 million in the California Lottery last fall has been fatally shot, allegedly by the man she married shortly after the windfall. Tiffani Hill, 31, had moved early this year from Valley Springs, in Calaveras County, to the Oklahoma town of Calera, according to Texas TV station KXII.

Where are the most winning lottery tickets sold in Indiana?

(WANE) – A Summit City gas station has earned the unofficial title of Luckiest Spot in the city for lottery payouts. Using the Hoosier Lottery database, WANE 15 was able to track down the retailer that scored the most wins of $1,000 or more in 2020. The walls of Grand Food Junction at the intersection of N.

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Can an LLC claim lottery winnings in Indiana?

For example, in Indiana, you can’t claim your winnings anonymously unless you go through a limited liability corporation or a legal trust. … You can also get some legal advice on whether taking the jackpot as a lump-sum or as payments over time is best for you.

Which Indiana scratch off wins the most?

Indiana Scratch Offs

The most popular game between Sep 23 and Sep 30 was LOOSE CHANGE® with 288,714 tickets sold. The largest prize claimed was $250,000.00 which was claimed from the game POWER 50X.

What is the difference between Hoosier Lotto and Hoosier Lotto Plus?

The PLUS, second chance drawing game has the same odds as the Lotto draw and also has a multiplier number. The prize for matching all six numbers (6/6) in the second draw is $1,000,000. If two people hold winning tickets, each will receive $1,000,000.

What were the winning Hoosier Lottery numbers?

Latest Numbers

Game Result
Hoosier Lotto Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021 Lotto 5 13 19 23 28 30 +PLUS 1 3 8 20 23 24
Powerball Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021 Main Draw 20 40 47 55 63 5 PB Power Play: x3 Double Play 6 7 36 41 59 7 PB
Mega Millions Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021 36 41 45 51 56 13 MB Megaplier: x3

Does Indiana have online lottery?

Online, players can choose to purchase tic buy hoosier lottery tickets online kets in a unified form for a specific Indiana Lottery. … Lotto is a game that is designed to have more winners and large jackpots and the lottery offered the only “match two of six” prize in a pick-six lotto game in North America.

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When did lottery start in Indiana?

The Hoosier Lottery began selling lottery tickets on October 13, 1989, after a majority of Indiana citizens voted “yes” on a 1988 voter referendum.