Your question: What day does the car change in the casino GTA 5?

What is the next GTA 5 Casino car?

September 30’s GTA Online update patch notes add the Rebla GTS as the new Casino Podium Vehicle, gives players the chance to score 2x and 3x GTA$, and a selection of major discounts.

What is the podium vehicle this week?

The podium car this week is the Truffade Adder. Heavily based on the Bugatti Super Veyron concept it is one of the fastest cars in Los Santos. Normally costing $1,000,000 from Legendary Motorsport you can get it for free at the Diamond Casino, if you are lucky.

How do you get the podium car every time 2021?

When you head up to the wheel and press right on the d-pad, you’ll want to wait until the ‘Use L to spin’ prompt appears in the top left of the screen and wait for four seconds exactly. Once done, flick the left stick directly up and then downwards and you should be able to win the car every time!

What happens if you get the car twice in GTA?

You just get a load of RP the second time around.

What time on Thursday does the podium car change GTA?

Users are allowed to spin the Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel once every day, and each Podium Car changes after seven days on a Thursday. This gives you a total of seven chances of winning a new vehicle for free until the vehicle changes the next week.

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Does the casino wheel glitch still work?

Are there any risks involved with using the GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch? Technically all you’re doing here is pushing the stick a certain way or quitting the game, but using the GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch is still gaming the system in order to secure a higher value prize.

Whats is the fastest car?