Why doesn’t Marty want another casino?

Do they get the second casino in Ozark?

Finally, a warrant is delivered, triggered the minute the Byrdes purchased a second casino. It’s an integrated, constant audit of the entire operation. They will be supervised with every transaction at the Missouri Belle. Now, how is Wendy Byrde going to intimidate her way out of this one?

Why did Marty give the Snells money?

In order to keep the Snells from killing him, Marty gives them $700,000 of the cartel’s money. … In order to recoup the $700,000 of cartel money they lost, Wendy convinces Sam to transfer his mother’s $900,000 portfolio into the Byrdes’ accounts.

Does Marty byrde open a casino?

Marty was all over TV and just opened up a huge casino. … Especially considering there were only a handful of casinos in the local area and surely a big new opening would have caught their eye.

What building blew up in Ozark season 2?

Marty, meanwhile, makes powerful enemies in Ozark Season 2 in the form of the Kansas City mob. Marty agrees with the Missouri Gaming Committee’s decision that they don’t want mob involvement in the casino, so Marty cuts out boss Frank Cosgrove (John Bedford Lloyd), who ends the season by blowing up Marty’s office.

How did Marty get 8 million?

In the pilot of Ozark, we learn that Marty’s partner Bruce scammed high ranked cartel member Del and stole 8 million dollars. Del spares Marty’s life in exchange of the retribution of the 8 million, and Marty laundering for him.

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Was Bruce an informant?

The Byrdes are made aware that while skimming money, Bruce was also an FBI informant. Trevor sees that Roy is becoming obsessed, foretelling continued problems for the Byrdes.

What did Wilkes have on Blake Ozark?

Wilkes explains that all he had on Blake was his secret history of clinical depression. While at his home, Wendy spies Wilkes’ model of their casino and a new development. He’s counting on her to sway the Snells to let him build on their land.